West Point Society of North Texas


About the West Point Society of North Texas

The West Point Society of North Texas is 1,400 strong; with approximately 1,200 graduates, plus another 200 or so parents of current and past cadets, as well as “Friends of West Point.”   Founded over 60 years ago, the Society has received the coveted “Distinguished Society” honor for each year since the West Point Association of Graduated (AOG) has evaluated its’ now 100 plus Societies world-wide and began awarding that honor.

Recognizing West Point’s stated aim of producing “leaders of character for our Army and for service to our nation” … our military retirees include MG Don Payne '50, LTG Charles Hamm '56, LTG John Woodmansee '56, MG Eugene Fox '56, BG and Bill Roll '56.

Notable public servants among our graduated include the the Senior County Commissioners (Judges) in Collin and Grayson Counties in Keith Self '75 and Drue Bynum '91, respectively. Dr. Jan LeCroy '54 is a former leader of the Dallas Citizens Council and retired head of the Dallas County Community College District. Stan Shipley '73, a Managing Director at Bank of America, is also an active member of the Dallas Citizens Council.  

Business leaders include John Garrison '82, President of Bell Helicopter, Todd Bluedorn '85, President/CEO of Lennox International, and Joe DePinto '86, President of 7-Eleven, Inc.

We are a “not-for-profit”, “non-politically-oriented” “501 c 3” organization which focuses on fellowship of graduates and supporting admissions of area High School students to the West Point Prep School and the United States Military Academy at West Point.

Annual programs range from Founders Day, sports programs for members of the community such as flag football, softball and golf, managing tailgates when Army teams come to the area.  

From 1989 through 2005, we recognized area educators at the High School level with the annual Eisenhower Award. This honored those who helped students learn and live by the values of “Duty, Honor and Country.” The engraved bronze medallion with an image of the General and former President was designed by Felix de Weldon, the sculptor of the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial in Wash DC. The award also had the blessing and support of the Eisenhower family. In making this award, we aimed to bring the West Point name to the community, especially to help with Admissions.  Organized along the lines of the nominating sources, i.e., US Congressional and Senatorial offices, our Society has some 30 volunteers working with both West Point the Admissions Office and counterparts in each of the 14 area offices of the US Representatives (12 each) and US Senators (2 each).

As unofficial field officers on the West Point Admissions team, our graduates attend “college nights” at area schools and “academy days” sponsored by Congressional offices, counsel applicants on their files and encourage as wide and diverse as possible participation from all schools in the area. We host an annual dinner … The Black and Gold Dinner … each fall for approximately 25 high school seniors and families who have been identified by West Point Admissions as highly desirable. We communicate with congressional staffers regarding their efforts to make this particular “constituent service” … the “nomination” to a service academy … known and available to the public. We also have graduates sitting on the representatives boards, whether “selection” or “advisory,” for the nominations themselves.

Over this wide area of North Texas, including the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex, we have had more than 2X our areas’ “fair share” of nominations and admissions to West Point and the United States Military Academy Prep School – USMAPS, now co-located at West Point.


Our Mission

1. To help young Texas men and women enter the United States Military Academy.

2. To help USMA graduates continue their "lifetime of service to the nation."